Mark Roberts Magic

If you have never heard of an heirloom quality collectibles before,
it is something that is made so well
that it will last long enough to be passed to the next generation
and beyond.

That's what Mark Roberts makes: heirloom quality decorations.

Zoom in on any of the images and you will see exactly what I am talking about.
Look at the whimsical designs, the stitching, the materials and the facial expressions.

If you love decorating for the holidays then you landed on the right page!

Absolutely Fabulous carries many rare and hard-to-find Mark Roberts Limited Edition Collections

Over the years, we have picked up many of Mark Roberts highly sought-after
Limited Edition collections.

Not only are some of the limited edition decorations hard to find, they usually
go up in price! 

But people don't usually buy Christmas decorations like these because they
go up in price (though that is nice side-effect).

People buy Mark Roberts Christmas collectible decorations
because they are special.

People buy them
because they
become a part of the fabric of their family's holiday memories...

...and we think that is pretty darn Absolutely Fabulous.