December Diamonds

Sexy Hand-Painted Ornaments

That will make you say "ooooooohhhhh!!"

December Diamonds figurines are...  are... ooh la laaa!

Just so you guys know, we did not buy these ornaments because they're hot... like "The Bachelorette" kinda' hot. But yeah; that had nothing to do with it :)

  • Elvin Fairy Display Elvin Fairy Display

    December Diamonds

    Elvin Fairy Display, 14"


    I'm not saying you should buy this Elvin fairy display because he's hot. Like, actually, hawt. OK - I'm saying that hahahahaha... Kneels approx 14" high

  • Elvin Fairy Ornament Elvin Fairy Ornament

    December Diamonds

    Elvin Fairy Ornament


    Elvin the fairy ornament is hot! What the heck!? A great gift for a friend... or yourself LOL  Kneels approx 7" high