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The hardest thing about looking for great STEM toys for your kid is that something around 96.893% of the review sites are paid promotions. You want to feel comfortable that the review of an educational toy is done by someone who is a parent, a teacher or a scientist.

It took a long time, but we found several places that were run by teachers, parents and scientists; often together. Feel great knowing that when you pop by Ab Fab, you're picking up a great toy for your kid. 



    Thames & Kosmos



    MY DISCOVERY TELESCOPE entry-level telescope with 12x magnification power, durable body, and quality optics soft shell ocular lens cover (eye-piece) for greater comfort investigate the moon’s surface and the night sky for constellations...


    Thames & Kosmos

    GUMBALL MACHINE MAKER super stunts


    GUMBALL MACHINE MAKER super stunts Build your own gumball machines, and in the process, learn physics lessons Release one gumball at a time out of the clear storage globe and down the track Move track segments around to create...


    Thames & Kosmos



    SCIENCE LABORATORY Join Ty and Karlie in giving your child a head start on STEM education while they experiment, observe and play with this award winning lab kit together you and your child will embark on an adventure to the world of...

  • Code Gamer: Toy of the Year 2017 Code Gamer: Toy of the Year 2017

    Thames & Kosmos

    Code Gamer: Toy of the Year 2017


    Learn Gaming Code and Have Fun Using Arduino coding language For ages 10+ 2017 Tech Toy of the Year Parent's Choice Gold Award winner Toy Insider Top Tech Toy, 2016 47 Pieces 4 sensors Integrates with iOs & Android (tablet not...

  • Ubongo, for 2-4 players 8+ Ubongo, for 2-4 players 8+

    Thames & Kosmos

    Ubongo, for 2-4 players 8+


    UBONGO fast-paced, addictive, and easy-to-learn geometric puzzle game race against the timer and against each other to solve a puzzle of interlocking shapes.  solve the puzzle, win more gems   player with the most valuable gem treasure...

  • My City board game My City board game

    Thames & Kosmos

    My City board game


    A 2-4 player family-oriented legacy board game for ages 10+ 24 episodes beginning from land settlement all the way through industrialization No two games are alike, each episode lasts approximately 30 minutes Additional components are...


    Thames & Kosmos



    STUDENT DESK GLOBE Students will explore the world with the Student Desk Globe Expertly crafted by Columbus Globe Mfg.,one of the most respected globe makers in the industry 10' diameter, high quality acrylic globe Provides an informative overview...

  • Nanotechnology Nanotechnology

    Thames & Kosmos



    Discover science's biggest breakthoughs that are actually very very small nanotechnology deals with the smallest structures (nano=millionth of a centimeter) you will be introduced to a world that explores things at a molecular level 41 hands-on...

  • Electricity & Magnetism Electricity & Magnetism

    Thames & Kosmos

    Electricity & Magnetism


    Your child will explore the world of electricity and magnetism learn about electricity with easy experiments using switches and LEDs learn about invisible magnetic fields make invisible magnetic fields visible with clear iron filling case...

  • ELECTRONICS advanced circuits ELECTRONICS advanced circuits

    Thames & Kosmos

    ELECTRONICS advanced circuits


    ELECTRONICS Advanced Circuits dive into the fascinating world of electronics and technology Snap-together system of electric/electronic building blocks Experiment with colorful light-up circuits as you discover basic electronics add a sound module...

  • Mechanical Engineering robotic arms Mechanical Engineering robotic arms

    Thames & Kosmos

    Mechanical Engineering robotic arms


    MACHANICAL engineering robotic arms Build six mechanical models of the types of arms grabber found on robotic machines Examine and learn mechanical engineering basics as you play, and assemble these realistic models Pneumatic system uses air...

  • SENSORS ALIVE bring physics to life SENSORS ALIVE bring physics to life

    Thames & Kosmos

    SENSORS ALIVE bring physics to life


    SENSORS ALIVE bring physics to life  Unlock abstract physics phenomena such as light, sound, and heat Highly innovative, app-based video game/sensor lab/science kit Use real-world sensor data collected from your environment to...

  • Pepper Mint in The Great Engineering Adventure Pepper Mint in The Great Engineering Adventure

    Thames & Kosmos

    Pepper Mint in The Great Engineering Adventure


    Join Pepper Mint as she visits her aunt who is a scientist researching primates In this story-based STEM kit Visit her aunt's treehouse in the rainforest  The treehouse has no connection to electrical power Pepper and her aunt devise...

  • Kids First Biology Lab  v 2.0 Kids First Biology Lab  v 2.0

    Thames & Kosmos

    Kids First Biology Lab v 2.0


    Your kid's first microscope kit Your child will discover the wonder of the world around them For kids 8+ Real precision mechanics microscope Up to 600 x magnification 11 Experiments and 13 piece set LED illumination Full color 32 page...

  • Build an Orbiting Solar System for 6+ Build an Orbiting Solar System for 6+

    Thames & Kosmos

    Build an Orbiting Solar System for 6+


      Explore our solar system as you build a mechanical model of the sun and 8 planets, also known as an orrey  Learn how the gears and wind-up mechanism work to spin the model in this plastic snap together complex machine Dress each...


    Thames & Kosmos



    ULTRALIGHT AIRPLANE assemble thrilling flying gliders with ultralight plastic and bamboo parts Build five different types of planes with different wing configurations learn how wings provide lift and how planes stay up in the air Ages 8+

  • Amazing Gyrobot STEM Robot Toy Amazing Gyrobot STEM Robot Toy

    Thames & Kosmos

    Amazing Gyrobot STEM Robot Toy


    Learn robotics by building this fun gyroscope robot 8 experiments for kids 6+ 2021 Specialty Toy of the Year Finalist, The Toy Association Teaches forces and interactions, energy & engineering design Fun for the whole family Your child will...

  • Here are a few of the Pom Pom Pets you can make with your little one A look inside the book. Notice how great the directions are for developing pre-reading skills


    My Pom Pom Pet Shop Craft Kit for 4+


    Develops fine motor skill, pre-reading skills & following written directions Perfect for young kids 4 and up No scissors or cutting is required Lots of pictures and basic words in the directions A great way to spend some quality time with your...

  • A 3D puzzle game for the whole family Are you ready for some educational fun with the family?

    Thames & Kosmos

    Dimension, 3D Puzzle Game for 8+


    Parents’ Choice Silver Award Winner Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award Winner 2015 Recommended by American Mensa 2017 Imagination Gaming Family Bronze Award Winner 2017 Imagination Gaming Maths Silver Award Winner A 3-d puzzle game for...