Beard Care

Do you or a loved one have Beard-O-McNasty? Beard Dandruff? Beard Itching?

Every beard-haver needs to own beard oil and a beard brush
This is the absolute bare minimum to prevent looking like the family dog at night...
sitting there, scratching under your ear

Our Beard Grooming Kits by Seven potions make a great
starter kit for anyone getting into taking care of a beard. 

We found this to-the-point video that explains how to apply beard oil
so you don't have to filter through all of the 8-minute advertisements LOL:

For more experienced bearded wonders, you absolutely must try Seven Potions
It lasts forever, isn't overly-greasy, and isn't over-scented (but what is there is great)

We sent Seven Potions to our epically-bearded friend
(and incredible musician) in New York
Andrew Paul
and asked him to make a brutally honest video. 

This is what he sent back (I added the graphics):