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Cold Spices Mentholated Beard Balm 2 oz

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  • A lively mentholated homage to the original Old Spice Shulton Formula
  • Vitamin E promotes healthy beard growth
  • Shea Butter helps prevent flaky skin under the beard (itchy + white flakes on clothes = boo beard)
  • Rice Bran Oil prevents split ends and flaking
  • Castor Oil helps promote hair growth
  • Cocoa butter is great for the skin under the beard
  • Avocado oil rejuvenates and moisturizes skin
  • Soy bean oil helps your beard to retain moisture

How to use: after your shower, rub a small amount of beard balm between your fingers and on your palms and smooth it through your whiskers. Comb and style your beard. Enjoy the slick look and incredible smell.