Valentines Day

Make Valentines Day Truly Special

Drop by our store in Huntington Beach to get gifts & decorations for that special person in your life.

This year, make a pact with yourself... make this valentines day special because she deserves it. Let's all slow down and enjoy this day with our loved ones. I know we're looking forward to it!

Absolutely Fabulous, in Huntington Beach, has a great selection of gifts & decor that are Valentines Day-themed. Get off work a bit early and set up a table for dinner... add some beautiful accents you bought here, and place your gift on her plate. Memories last a lifetime... make the next Valentines Day an Absolutely Fabulous Valentines Day by buying your gifts and decorations here.

You'll thank us.

What you see here is a small selection of the Valentines Day Gifts and Decorations we sell:

  • Let her feel the love every time she takes a sip Cute hand-embellished hearts wine glass for Valentines Day


    Valentines Wine Glass by Lolita


    The perfect Valentines Day gift for a wine lover Vibrant hand-painted heart designs Comes in a decorative gift box Each glass comes with a unique recipe or Lolita signature on the bottome 9" tall Hand wash only