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Rockwell R1 Rookie Butterfly Razor, Gunmetal & White Chrome

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The perfect starter razor

for less that $20

If just want to test the waters with double edged safety razors, or just want to save some cash, this R1 Rookie Razor from Rockwell is perfect. Don't get me wrong - there are better starter razors out there (and we carry them) - but there aren't many (or any that I can think of) by such a great razor company for less than $20. 

This even comes with 5 free Rockwell blades! I would recommend the extra few $ for the Merkur blades that we carry, though. I love them.

Protect your skin, save a fortune (the replacement blades cost WAY less than cartridges), and help the planet (no plastic waste and much, much less packaging). Not only that, but the shave is much closer and smoother

Just make sure you don't press the blade into your skin like you do with "regular" razors! Just use the weigh of the blade itself, move a little slower and listen for the hairs cutting. It's so smooth!

I would highly recommend coupling a razor like this with a shave brush and some shave soap or cream. It takes the mundane and turns it into a chill time without making it take a lot longer.