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Rockwell 6S DE Safety Razor

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The best razor in the world

Dollar-for-dollar, the Rockwell 6S can go up against anybody

It is the perfect gift for the discerning gentleman

I am not speaking in platitudes with I say that this razor is widely considered to be the best in the world. The angle of the blade stays consistent because of how sturdy the parts are (sometimes, more complicated systems trade of stability and the 6S will never succumb to that weakness).

This is a man's-man's razor. Heavy and solid. 

But is is smooth as silk.

With 6 levels of shave, based on the insert that you use, you can tailor to both the length of the hair you are shaving and the sensitivity of the skin; level 1 is the most sensitive/shortest hair and level 6 is the most aggressive. Most people I know use level three.