Mark Roberts

Pearls & Pinks Mrs Claus Limited Edition by Mark Roberts, 22" Posable

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  • Stands 22" tall
  • Has a pet doggie!

Pearls & Pinks

Mrs Claus Collectible Doll

Ms Claus is simply put, a gorgeous, detailed, special doll. She is posable (notice how I changed her pose with her arms and head in different pictures) and is of course bringing along her favorite puppy for all of the Christmas festivities.

We all know that Christmas is much more than time of work and presents. It continues to be magical through the eyes of our kids and our families and friends. Some of these memories rotate around very specific decorations; special items that are carefully pulled out of the box every year. Some of these are even passed down through the generations. We call these heirloom quality seasonal decorations.

Mark Roberts Limited Edition Christmas Collection

Known throughout the industry for their impeccable attention to detail and highest-quality of craftsmanship, Mark Roberts limited edition collections are created in small batches and are highly sought after by collectors. It is actually very common for these items to go up in price. Check it out! Look for this year's limited edition collection and compare the price to previous years. See how difficult old ones are to come by.

The moral of the story is: if you see a Mark Roberts limited edition Christmas doll that you like, grab it. You'll be so glad you did every year that you pull it out of it's custom box and enjoy it's Christmas Magic all over again.