Merkur Rose Gold Extra-Long Handle Safety Razor

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An extra long rose gold safety razor that is perfect for her

What started as a custom request from a customer for an extra-long handle on a Markur 23c has turned into this beautiful DE Safety razor for her.

  • A vastly smoother and irritation-free way to shave
  • Better for the environment
  • Save thousands of dollars over the years (over Costco cartridge refills and shave clubs)
  • extra-long handle gives you the control to shave even the most sensitive areas
  • vintage finish, crafted from famously durable steel that will not rust
  • closed comb head, which will help channel the hair and soap
  • 4.2 cm x 2.5 cm x 12.6 cm

Spoil her with a new way to shave that will make her feel pampered

Pair this with a soap for her, an aftershave and aftershave balm for her and a brush, and you'll have a great gift!

Honestly, the razor by itself is a huge upgrade. The other stuff is just the icing... and cream, and cherry... and m & m's.