Merkur 42C Etched Handle Double-Edged Safety Razor

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Product Overview

  • a smoother & closer shave
  • costs much less in the long-term
  • better for the planet (no plastic waste, fewer blades-per use, very little packaging)
  • turns the mundane into a moment of zen when paired with a good wet shave

A beautiful and smooth and superior alternative to your regular shave

The perfect gift for the man or lady in your life

That's right! That row of teeth-looking things that Merkur put below the blade help it deal better with leg hair. These and the 34C and 34G are great for ladies, or swimmers... or whoever wants to shave their legs, really.

But they are famous men's razors. The entire Merkur line are known for their superior build quality and smoothness of shave (being in business for over a century tends to mean really, really good quality, you know?).