Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts 27.5 in White Jeweled Peacock

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Product Overview

A magnificent limited edition
white jeweled peacock
by Mark Roberts

  • Stands 27.5" tall and stretches 4 feet from head to tail
  • limited edition #40 out of 250
  • poseable head & neck
  • highly desired collectible that is starting to go up in price (as of September 2021)

This wonderful Mark Roberts white jeweled peacock is an
astounding collectible to see in-person. 

Not only is it physically large
but it seems to have... 
a presence


Comes with the registration & certificate for you collector folks like myself!

Photographed with a 1960 Martin Committee Deluxe

a classic jazz trumpet used by folks like
Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Dizzy Gillespie & more...
... the perfect companion to a classic like this
beautiful jeweled peacock decoration

But is "decoration" really a good enough term for this 
highly sought-after collectible Mark Roberts piece?

Honestly - the words don't really matter. Just book a day with us and ask us to get a selection of the collectibles that interest you: Mark Roberts, Katherine's Collection... from 3" to life-sized. We have the new releases and the rare, hard-to-find ones. 

Absolutely Fabulous: come see, touch and feel your collectibles before you make that investment! Quite possibly the largest collection of Mark Roberts in one place on the west coast.

material: polyester
care: lightly wipe with a dry cloth
prolonged direct sunlight through a window will fade the material after a time

Contact Us to schedule a visit to see this stunning centerpiece and more Mark Roberts + other collectibles like Katherine's Collection, if you would like!