Who Needs More Jellycat!? YOU Need More Jellycat

Posted by Ian Souter on 26th Mar 2024

Who Needs More Jellycat!? YOU Need More Jellycat

And you came to the right place for your Jellycat, let me tell you.

I just finished uploading every single Jellycat that we received this year but for those of you who have been into the shop, you know that we have a ton more Jellycat than we have online. I promise - I am working on that, too. 

First, I'm going to re-organize the categories a bit so they're easier to find. I currently have about 10 zillion Jellycat filed under "animals" a, like, 3 under "Earth & Sky." Now that I have more up it will be easier to see what is needed to make it easy for you to find the Jellycat you want. 

If you have any suggestions, send them my way! Or - if you are looking for any Jellycat in particular, you can email me at ian@abfabhb.com or call the shop at 714-842-1608.

I hope you enjoy perusing! It took me a while, but I've enjoyed being introduced to these cute little Jellycat creations while putting them online for you.

Thanks for ordering so many of them, guys! Keep it coming and I'll keep trying to make sure they're online for you.

Next, I'll be working on making sure more of our Retired Jellycat are on the website, too. We do have some local collectors that have come and bought up a TON of them but we still have plenty left!