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Posted by Ian Souter on 2nd Jul 2021

Toys and Child Development

Hi everybody, this is Ian here, Diane's son.

I just have to share how excited I am about the changes in our kids area. But first, let me tell you how the whole kids area became a thing.

When my Sister's first child, Brandin, was born. Mom bought enough newborn clothes, chewies,  books, stuffed animals, keepsakes and educational toys that you could find. It was so sweet! She was just so excited. 

Well, we've had the section since, and it has always been a mix of the aforementioned goods, with the age range of clothing extending. But now, Mom's youngest grandchild close-by - my son, Aiden - is turning 4, we have really been researching the incredible STEM toys and games that are on the market now.

The world is a very different place than it was 16 years ago and I am personally very concerned about the potential relationship between my son and technology.

You see - our brains were not wired to learn everything from a book. We can process that information, yes, but to really remember and understand things, we need to touch them when we learn about them. We need to play with the concepts in everyday life. Only this way are deep and lasting grooves made in your neurons' connections.

This is how my elementary school in England was constructed. The way it was there is closest to a Montessori school is here without the fancy name. When we studied plants, we went outside and planted them on our campus. We talked about what would happen next and then wait and go back and check on it every now and then.

This is how I want Aiden to learn his concepts - through play and fun at a young age, when he has the desire to do it. 

In their high school physics class, a teenager can understand the physics of gravitational/drag coefficient/etc effects upon an object if they have thrown enough balls, launched enough rockets, thrown enough frisbees...

To say that it is a passion of mine to find the very finest modern and classic STEM toys & games on the market would be to make a severe understatement.

And let me tell you... the stuff I'm finding is absolutely incredible.

I have no idea which of them sell wholesale and are even available to places like our little gift shop but some will be.

Keep your eyes peeled! There is definitely more to come.