Myrsol Liquid Shave Cream Experience

Posted by Ian Souter on 20th Oct 2021

Myrsol Liquid Shave Cream Experience

What does Myrsol Crema Liquida Afeitar mean? 

Let’s translate: “Myrsol Liquid Shaving Cream, with Lanolin, for Shaving With A Brush.”

To be honest with you, the first time I used Myrsol Crema Liquida Afeitar, I really had no idea what i was doing. I had already used Myrsol Emulsion as a direct-to-face shave cream, so I used this the same way. I had to move my razor a bit slower, but as always, with Myrsol products, my skin felt great and I got a close shave. Although - to be honest - I was a bit surprised by the balance of the citronella scent; usually, Myrsol products balance whatever scent is forward to the nose immediately upon application but this one didn’t… 

Whatever… my shave was quick, pretty smooth, close & my skin felt good.

Then I actually read the bottle (logical thing to do, right?) “for shaving with a brush.”

[Narrator’s voice]: “this would not be the first - or the last - time that Ian missed obvious information right in front of his face.”

So, I tested this as it was meant to be used today and lemme tell you - it was an unbelievably close shave. My skin felt much better, even, than last time. I was also left with the characteristic “taut” feel to my skin. All myrsol products do this. Your skin just feels tighter, cleaner and fresher than before you used it.

The scent was MUCH better balanced, being used this way, too. 

It is very easy to use Myrsol Crema Liquida Afeitar as part of a quick wet shave routine.

  1. Do a pre-shave, if you wish. A pre-shave routine absolutely is not necessary. If you choose to, you can apply an oil (what i did)… wash your face… nothing is necessary but pre-shave really does help me; plus, it’s just become part of “the experience.” My personal pre-shave routine is either a shower or a face wash (loading the facial hair with water makes it “plump up” and the agitation of the rubbing makes your hair stick up, and therefore easier for the razor to cut. I then partially dry my face n’ neck and apply a pre-shave oil, making sure to agitate it into the hair/skin that I will be shaving. Not only does the oil help the razor skim over the skin, the extra agitation of the hairs help prepare them for the shave (especially with the oil now inside the hair).
  2. Wet your shave brush and squeeze off most of the excess moisture
  3. Squish some Myrsol Crema Liquida Afeitar on top of your brush & get to lathering! The result will not be the lovey lather you are used to with a traditional wet shave soap but it does supply a very slick and even base to shave.
  4. Add extra between passes, if necessary. Experiment with adding different amounts of water to the brush with your cream.

Here some images of my #SOTD with Myrsol Crema Liquida Afeitar:

  • Pre: water splash + Rockwell Barbershop Pre-Shave Oil
  • Razor: Rockwell 6S 
  • Blade: Brand new Bolzano blade (my current fav)
  • Brush: Omega mixed bristle brush
  • Post: Stirling Unscented aftershave splash so I could smell the Myrsol & feel any irritation. There was none.

My observations about the Myrsol Liquid Shave Cream: refreshing, effective… a close shave that takes much less time than traditional soaps. 

Enjoy the pics! I’m curious if you have used this product and what your experience with it was.

I really enjoyed the whole experience!