Let’s be Friends!

Posted by Ian Souter on 28th Sep 2021

Let’s be Friends!

We love the interwebz at Ab Fab so we put together this handy-dandy landing page that has all of our social media relevant pages, etc, so on and so forth.

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Really, though, we understand that social media speaks to many different folks in different ways. We are enjoying getting to know all of you on our Absolutely Fabulous social media channels.

If you are near Huntington Beach, please come by in-person! We are working hard on our website and social media channels but nothing can compare to coming into the store.

Absolutely Fabulous… it isn’t just a name, you know! 

“Gifts for births to deaths and everything in-between” is our moniker and we mean to live up to it! We just ordered a huge selection of award-winning educational toys for kids so we will be ready to help you provide some of the best educational gifts for kids from 4 up to 16 years old.

It is very hard to find quality STEM toys because there are SO many promoted posts on the subject. “STEM” is easy to remember, so it shows up in a million google results! on top of all that, the large, large majority of the “blogs” or “stories” that you read are paid-for promotional pages. The easiest way to check is to see if the page you land on links to an Amazon page for the product. these types of links are 99.382% of the time (this is a totally accurate number, btw) accompanied by some sort of mea culpa that says “we may be getting laid for you hitting those links.”

Well - Diane & Rom hit the trade show and Ian combed the internet for non-sponsored STEM toy explanations and reviews . 

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