Educational & STEM Toys for kids 0-16

Posted by Ian Souter on 28th Oct 2021

Educational & STEM Toys for kids 0-16

Our human brains are built to learn through touch and motion - a process called tactile learning.

Modern society has moved to a more cerebral way of learning but - especially when young - there is no better way to learn than to simply do.

No only does screen time not engage the brain like touch does, it actually can slow down the brain's development in that area.

Absolutely Fabulous spent weeks & weeks researching educational & STEM toys for kids

It is actually quite difficult to find non-sponsored reviews of STEM toys. Most link to Amazon pages; a dead giveaway that whatever they say is useless.

Eventually, we found a very special association that was started by educators, scientists and parents who review and recommend toys that have been nominated for awards. We also found a university early education program that takes similar toys and tests them over the course of weeks with children; I loved this particular program because the educators do not intervene with the kids... they simply observe which toys they keep returning to, and what they do with the toys. The ones they recommend are the toys that both retained kids attention and the toys who's natural activities contained the seeds of future understanding in them... pre-reading development, tactile learning, science, engineering, biology, social development, etc, etc...

We are very proud of the selection of educational toys that we carry at Ab Fab. Yes - they teach - but more importantly, they are fun. Your kids will want to keep learning away from that darn screen. Heck - we all know that most of the time (until they are teenagers), kids would prefer to build something with Mom & Dad than sit in front of a screen.

Give your little one some quality time with Mom and Dad and a leg up on their peers in the future. Because primary education isn't a competition but it absolutely is the foundation upon which they will build - not just knowledge - but understanding.