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3-piece Shave Set with 2C Adjustable Safety Razor by Rockwell

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  • 1 x Rockwell 2C adjustable double-edged safety razor
  • 1 x matching elegant metal stand
  • 1 x synthetic shave brush
  • features Rockwell's "R1" and "R3" cuts - for the smooth and more aggressive shave from the same razor
  • the perfect gift for a beginner and experienced wet shaver
  • no skin irritation and razor bumps like you'll get with a multi-blade cartridge shaving system
  • wonderfully weighted and balanced
  • built to last

Classy three piece shave kit

At only a few dollars over the price of a big razor blade replacement from the store, this 3-piece safety razor wet shave kit is made to last a very long time.

No more throwing your well-earned money down the toilet for a less-than-stellar shave. Up your shave game with this wet shave set.

The perfect gift for the classy man who has everything

Shoot - who am I kidding... this is the perfect gift for the man who doesn't have everything, too. Safety razors are far superior to the more expensive drug store multi-blade systems that saturate the market with their fake-cheap handles and mass-produced blades. These 2C adjustable safety razors have two levels of aggressiveness for the perfect shave every time. 

Not only do adjustable safety razors shave better, they shave smoother: no nicks or irritation! On top of all of this, over time safety razors are far, far cheaper than the plastic alternatives at the store.