Who Needs Jellycat? YOU Need Jellycat!

Who Needs Jellycat? YOU Need Jellycat!

Anyone who's been into the shop over the last couple of years knows that we have been undergoing a ton of changes. First we had a huge flood and then the pandemic happened, so we had time to think. One of the things we got to focus on was our kids area. We got a ton of new STEM toys but there is one area we did not reduce to make room for them: the Jellycat area. 

We Have to be the biggest purveyor of Jellycat this side of the Thames

I mean... have you been in our shop!?

Why Jellycat? Let me count the ways

  1. Jellycat makes the softest stuffed animals I've ever felt
  2. They are priced well (and we are priced better than anybody)
  3. Jellycat stuffies are cuter than a hedgehog hugging a hair brush
  4. Jellycat last forever
  5. I like to pile them up and jump into a pile of fluffy hugs

OK... #5 isn't true but I did do that at the end of a TikTok video (what can I say... it was late)

I am slowly loading all of the new Jellycat that we ordered onto the website but if you're close to Huntington Beach, there is no replacement for coming into the shop and feeling them. 

You will agree: Jellycat are the cutest, softest, most cuddly stuffies you've ever felt.

Oh - an important note: Jellycat tests all of their goods for safety with all ages of kids, so Jellycat is safe from newborn all of the way up to... uhm... to... someone my age. Just make sure you don't ever leave a stuffed animal in a crib with a young baby! Other than that, these things are SAFE!