Summer Is In Full Swing! Update Your Outside Lights

Summer Is In Full Swing! Update Your Outside Lights

Stylish lighting for your home or outdoors makes a huge difference

The way these Mediterranean-style lights project patterns looks amazing

I love our décor and will definitely be sharing more!

Home Décor is a long-time passion of Diane's, and lighting like this pair of gorgeous Mediterranean-inspired lights have been selectively curated to match any sort of vibe you have going on at home. 

Pop in (if you're close to HB) with a picture of your back yard or business and ask Diane for some tips! She loves designing :)

Click on the following link to see a selection of some of the lighting we have at our shop in Huntington Beach, CA.

Update: we are working on being able to order my favorite patio shade furniture of all time!!! Please cross your fingers that it works out. 

But back to these indoor/outdoor lights. We saw these out on the sales floor and they just spoke to us. Close your eyes and picture them in your home or back yard and you will agree with me that these are just wonderful décor additions.

Order online and set your shipping to "pick up."