Retail Shipping Issues, Holiday Season 2021...

Posted by Diane Silverstein on 2nd Sep 2021

Retail Shipping Issues, Holiday Season 2021...


Just in case you hadn’t heard:  there are MAJOR delays in shipping freight into California:( in fact the whole of the USA!

What that means for you?

Get your Christmas shopping done early as things are being delayed for months!!! We are getting about 30% of orders delivered currently!

If you haven’t been in the store lately, It’s changed quite a bit. I now have a LARGER TOY SECTION, for ages 0 to 12/13

ToysRUS, BabiesRUS are gone:( I think that only leaves Target, The Dollar Store and maybe Costco.

BUT FEAR NOT! AbFab is here to save you❤️❤️

We are getting things out as soon as they come in:) good quality, educational, fun, as many choices as I could fit in the store:) inexpensive to not:)

One vendor told me his freight charges had gone up 300%

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