New Jellycat Online. Now Easier to Browse.

New Jellycat Online. Now Easier to Browse.

Any lover of Jellycat stuffed animals knows the breadth of cuteness that they offer.

I find myself wanting to browse them in different ways. Some days, I am curious about their Amuseable Collection. Other days, I get a real kick out of their food stuffies

I really enjoy the earth & sky category for Jellycat. I made it up but I really love how a whole cross-section of their collections represent different aspects of our surroundings.

If you are a lover of dragon, pixie & monster stuffed animals, then you will appreciate our new category for that.

I'm still working on our retired Jellycat collections section of the website but keep your eyes out. It will keep getting bigger & better.

I seriously believe that we probably have the best selection of Jellycat stuffed animals around. You have to come into the Jellycat section of the shop and see for yourself. It will always be better in-person. Not only because there will be a ton more Jellycat to look at; but then you get to touch them! I mean - they really are the ultimate softest stuffies in the entire world. I'm convinced of this. 

There is a good reason that Jellycat has it's own dedicated sub-reddit with an active community. People love Jellycat... I mean, like loooooooove Jellycat.

(pss! So do we. They are so freaking cute.)


Jellycat are from England and pass all of the UK safety standards. Most of Jellycat's products are safe from birth, though some a limited to kids over 12 months because some of their super-fuzziness may shed and that isn't good for the teeny ones. 

Speaking of which... not just Jellycat stuffies: remember to never leave any sort of stuffed animal unattended with a baby in a crib!