Nates Curiosity Pack, Level 1

Nates Curiosity Pack, Level 1

Nate's Curiosity Pack, level 1 contains:
- a Rockwell Rookie R1 Razor, $19.95
selection of our razor blades for around $5.

This razor set is perfect for someone who's curious about a new, better, way to shave but doesn't want to break the bank (though, even with expensive DE safety razors, the long term cost is much, much lower than grocery store cartridge/multiple razor systems).

Razor blades vary from approximately 20 to 80 cents each and are sold in packs of 5-10. It is recommended that you try at least 3-4 different types of blades, to see which ones work best with your skin. Don't worry - all of the blades that we carry are world-class. Some just will work better for you.

Nate's Curiosity Pack, for those curious about DE safety razors, is:
cheaper than grocery store razors
- a vastly better shave
- better for the environment (no plastic waste)
- better for your skin
- enjoyable!

Once again, whereupon I wax poetic about this particular razor gift pack

Greetings! I am the aforementioned Nate and this is one of our wonderful selection of DE safety razor kits for you to choose from. 

But first, little about me. I have been wet shaving for about a year and have come to love it, and all of the wonderful benefits that DE wet shaving has (as opposed to regular ol' cartridge shaving). 

Before I took the dive, I had many questions, though. I was really unsure!

What were my questions? I'm so glad you asked!

What is a DE safety razor? 

The "DE" stand for "double edged," so, a DE Safety Razor is a double edged safety razor. The "double edged" refers to the fact that the razor & blade you're using has two sides that you can use, which translates to twice as passes before you need to clean it under water.

The "safety" aspect of the name is how the tool was named way back in the late 1800's when Merkur first developed it. Compared to the other options available at the time, they were very safe! They still are incredibly safe, and very difficult to get any sort of serious cut with. DE safety razors are safe because they just make the blade inaccessible when you're at the wrong angle - such as an angle that would result in a serious cut.  

DE safety razors are a less-expensive, smoother, closer, more pleasant, more efficient way to shave.

The DE safety razor was designed to easily provide the ability to shave well to everybody. Not only was it easy but it was a much better system for people who were averse to the shavettes, straight razors, waxing, threading, chemical hair removal, or to those who were not able to access the barbers.

Since its popularization in the early 1900s, the DE safety razor has seen many new manufacturers, but in the great companies (like Rockwell), these constants have remained: a close, irritation-free shave that turns the mundane into a relaxing ritual - especially when you "wet shave," or combine your razor with the brush and soap or cream. 

How do you us a DE safety razor? Is it Hard?

If you hold a DE safety razor with the handle at about a 30-35 degree angle against the face, you will find a single, sharp blade at the perfect angle to cut hair as efficiently as possible without the irritation of 4 additional blades. (Not only are additional blades an irritant to the skin because of their very presence (more blades = more passes with a piece of sharp metal against your skin), multiple razor blades are very close to each other and therefore very difficult to clean and to get hair buildup and soap out of).

DE safety razors are made to be intuitive - to help the user attain the most comfortable, closest shave possible. 

Will a DE safety razor finally reduce the irritation I get from shaving?

A DE safety razor, by itself, will help prevent razor bumps and razor burn. But when you pair it with a soap or cream applied with a brush, a pre-shave oil, aftershave & aftershave balms? You have no idea... so great.


With all of that in mind we present to you the Rockwell R1 rookie series razor

This razor is the perfect razor to wean off of the stale, clunky, and inefficient cartridge razors that you are used to. 

The Rookie R1 DE safety razor is inexpensive (less than $20), easy-to-use, lightweight, versatile, and built with first-time users in mind. The R1 is so easy to use that it really earns the name "rookie." It is high quality - it feels worlds better than the cartridge - and will leave you feeling clean, refreshed and ready for your day! 

Pair the Rookie R1 razor with any selection of our premium razor blades and you will have yourself a shave like you've never had before. 

Rockwell makes some truly wonderful products, and the R1 maintains their level of craftsmanship. It is truly is the perfect razor on a budget. 

If you're even the slightest curious about DE safety razors, with the R1, you can try it out for 1/2 the price of a cartridge system refill at Costco, and just use your regular old soap! 

The benefits are such that you will have a much more pleasant time shaving, what with less (or no) razor burns, bumps, and knicks. BUT..... They also are cost effective! Yes that's right! In the long run you will actually save money using our DE wet shaving products. Your standard cartridge razor and replacement cartridges, plus the can of shave soap with harsh chemicals, some lackluster aftershave and some greasy balms will last you maybe a month or two before you would need to replace them because they ran out, or because the razor broke or what have you. 

Whereas the R1 one is made of machined stainless steel, and the razor blades are anywhere between $0.75-$3.25 for a pack of 5-10 blades that last for about 4 shaves a per blade! Even the various soaps and creams we sell will last for months. Also, the razor itself will last for years to come! These tools are so well made that it is not uncommon for older generations to pass along their vintage shave gear to the next. Hundred year old safety razors are still in use to this day! The Rockwell razor will be no different! Get yours today!