A Vegan-Friendly Styling Product that Out-Performs All Competition

Posted by Ian Souter on 17th Sep 2021

A Vegan-Friendly Styling Product that Out-Performs All Competition

When I searched for a product to take care of my never-before-able-to-complete-until-covid beard, I really, really wanted to find the best beard oil & shampoo out there (these were the two products that everyone said you really needed).

The trouble with searching for product reviews, though, is that there are SO many "review" websites that are nothing more than paid sponsorship. (Any link to a sales site - especially Amazon - is a dead giveaway that the reviews are probably biased... you know, at least, that sponsored links are only considering companies that go into partnership with them.)

Anyway... there was one company who kept coming up on the beard care review sites that did not have any sponsored links, and usually at the top spot: Seven Potions.

So this is what I bought for myself and I loved it. 

Once we decided to sell beard care products in the shop, I knew I wanted to carry Seven Potions. Not only is their performance unmatched but they are a modern company: small, very skilled, vegan-friendly (even though I am not personally vegan, I appreciate it when products are vegan-friendly), not using plastic in their packaging (the plastic-looking bottles are actually made out of sugar cane), and also being very reactive to customer feedback and issues. 

To verify my experience with Seven Potions (it was, at the time, the only beard care product I had ever used), I sent some to my friend in New York, Andy. You see, Andy has an epic beard and has been using beard oil & balm forever, so he was the obvious choice to give me an honest review. I was trying to decide how much to buy, so I told him: 

"lemme' know if you don't like it. If you do, can you shoot a quick video over so I can have some material from a dude with a beard saying what's good? If you're not a fan, can you tell me why, so I can decide if I'm going to buy it or not?"

Andy ended up sending back a rad full-on Seven Potions review video because he liked it so much. Apparently, it's all he has been buying since he did the review! 

I really, really do love their Woodland Harmony scent. It's a great mix of lime, wood & leather, or something... I dunno' - I just love it. It's the only product I use that is both not too strong yet lasts all day.

I ended up ordering from Seven Potions: hair products - the salt water primer, the clay & pomade & the combs - and beard care products - beard oil, beard balm, beard brushes, beard brush protectors (it helps to keep the moisture down on the brush, making it last a lot longer), beard shampoo, beard conditioner, beard combs - uhm... I'm sure I'm forgetting some. You get the picture, though.

That's the story of the how and why we carry this incredible product that also happens to be plastic-free, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free! 

We are, currently, the only place is all of California that carries Seven Potions, and we are very proud to do so! We are also proud that they are a small business from our home country - England. 

I've added some Seven Potions images to this blog for you to check out. They do a great job of explaining the what makes Seven Potions great and give some great advice on how to use beard, beard shampoo & beard conditioner.